Hi, I’m Anuj Seth – the person behind this website – and your point of contact for all media related inquiries. PMTips was started in April 2020 as a hobby and will continue to focus on educating users around the world on Project Management. We are still very much in the early days of this blog. This website will focus on:

  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Project Management Tools
  • Project Management Strategy
  • Software Effort Estimation
  • Agile and equivalent methodologies
  • Courses & Certifications
  • Infographics
  • …and much more on Project Management

Advertisement and Partnership Opportunities

Recognizing that every partnership is different, we provide our clients with an extensive array of advertisement solutions. We are selective with partners, choosing only those companies/services that meet our quality of standards. Here are some available advertising opportunities that we offer:

Product Reviews: Let us know which of your products needs a review. We will carry out an extensive review of your product.

Display Ads: You can inquire and book ad slots.

Sponsored Posts: You provide us the content and we host it. It needs to meet our quality standards and be in sync with one of the focus areas of this website. All such posts will clearly be marked as such to ensure complete transparency to our readers.

For all the above, please reach out to us via the Contact Us form. Please add enough details so that we can respond appropriately to your query.


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