PMI Infinity – PMP Exam Simulator on ChatGPT


If you are preparing for your PMI PMP exam, I am pretty sure you would have purchased a bunch of books to help you prepare for it.

PMI recently launched their own interactive exam simulator that is powered by ChatGPT. They call it PMI Infinity. The simulator is free to use, but it requires you to have access to ChatGPT Plus, which is a paid service.

From their press release, “The PMI Infinity – PMP Exam Simulator, now available for free to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, reinforces the candidate’s mastery with real-time feedback. The mock exam consists of 175 questions that PMP candidates can take one at a time, answering at their own speed. What sets this app apart is twofold. Unlike other generative AI training platforms, the PMI Infinity – PMP Exam Simulator is trained on industry-leading project management content developed by PMI, which is continuously vetted and optimized by subject matter experts for unrivaled quality assurance. And its interactivity allows PMP candidates to go deeper into the why. Not only does it give instant rationale for the right answer, but users can have a conversation with the simulator to learn more why a certain answer is incorrect – or correct.”

Are you going to give this a try for your exam preparation?



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