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AirTable is one of a kind spreadsheet. Airtable is a cloud collaboration tool which fuses the features of a database and the format of a spreadsheet in a way that lets users always know what’s going on. Think of it as a smart spreadsheet. An example of how this can be used: Your Sales team can use their sales contact data to create a lightweight CRM.

Airtable has a concept called “Blocks” which enables you to embed apps within your spreadsheet. There are several to choose from. Kanban Boards, Gantt Charts, Jira Import, etc., are a few examples

Airtable Blocks

Given the fusion between a database and spreadsheet, we can consider Airtable to be a relational database to some extent. You can link records across tables in Airtable.

As mentioned at Softr, some of the advantages of Airtable include:

  • Powerful collaboration capabilities that allow users to assign tasks and share project statuses, as well as making it easy for collaborators to find and share relevant data. Users can also assign roles to collaborators and define various levels of access.
  • A spreadsheet-like interface makes it easy for users with previous experience with tools like Excel to onboard and take advantage of Airtable’s powerful database.
  • Pre-built templates make it incredibly easy for new users to hit the ground running. All you need to do is copy one of Airtable’s many available templates, and you’re good to go. More on this later.
  • The customisability of the platform allows users to access their data using different views including grid, Kanban boards, calendar, form, and Gantt. You can then add additional customisation rules to your data and create your own Airtable actions.
  • Automations remove the need for doing repetitive tasks. By configuring custom trigger-action workflows, you and your team save time and optimise workflows more effectively.
  • Extensive data-tracking lets each team member easily track changes in individual tables and records, making collaboration more efficient and transparent.


Airtable comes at various price points. Choose the one that seems to fit your requirement. Give it a try with the free plan to get a feel of the tool.

Overview Video

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