Notion for Project Management

Notion Project Management

Notion is a wonderful tool that takes on the likes of OneNote and Evernote as a note taking app and then adds on some surprising punch to make it a useful tool for basic Project Management activities.

Notion is available as a web-based application, and also comes with mobile apps for Android and iOS. It has a simple and clean interface, though it can take some time to get used to it. Every page you add is based on a set of predefined templates. This is where the power of the the app comes into picture. The project management tools you’re used to using — Kanban boards, calendars, Roadmaps, Task lists are all available as predefined templates.

The Notion for Projects page nicely summarizes all that you can do with Notion. You can also refer the UseFyi page which also lists all the features in greater depth.



Notion is a good way for small teams to bring in some structure into their project management activities. It is in no way a replacement for some of the more comprehensive tools. Tools like JIRA, Backlog, Wrike, Teamgantt, etc. offer far more in terms of functionality. Since one tool is never a “one-size-fits-all” scenario, Notion can be a good starting point for small teams.


Notion is free to use, but comes in various tiers depending on the features that you want to use.

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