Plane: An open-source project management tool

Plane - Project Management Tool

Plane is a simple, extensible, open-source project and product management tool. It allows users to start with a basic task-tracking tool and gradually adopt various project management frameworks like Agile, Waterfall, and many more.

Their cloud version is currently free of cost but has a limitation of 1000 issues. This is a good starting version for hobby projects. Cloud version for bigger projects is still a work-in-progress.

Being open source, you can deploy it on your own server without the above restrictions. You can self-host your own version of Plane using the provided Docker images or Docker Compose.

It has all the basic functionality you would need in a project management tool – Issues, sprints (they call it cycles), analytics, filters/views, and the ability to create multiple projects.

While Plane doesn’t have the huge Marketplace like Atlassian does, it has started with two very useful integrations – Github and Slack.

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