Templates in Atlassian Confluence

Atlassian Confluence Templates

If your organization uses Atlassian products, then you might have already used templates in Confluence.

Why Confluence?

Confluence provides version control and can act as a project documentation repository. It is an easy-to-use collaboration tool and instead of sharing documents via email or chat, one can just share the link to the Confluence page. Reviewers can add comments to these pages thereby allowing the document owner to address the required changes needed.

With Confluence one can:

  • Establish one source of truth for all project documents,
  • Centralize communication instead of searching for emails or instant messages,
  • Provides transparency so all team members know the latest information,
  • Easily enable document editing features,
  • Easily provide document collaboration capabilities,
  • Use templates to provide structure to the documents being created.

What are Confluence Templates?

Templates provide a predefined structure (and content) to a page. This can be advantageous when your organization has a need to use the same structure repeatedly. Projects could use templates for capturing meeting notes, project plans, requirements specifications, design documents, test plans or even test reports. Each of them has the same structure across projects and provides standardization for the documents being created within the organization.

Confluence also has the ability to use macros such as Page Properties to help build reliable document databases, categorize these pages, and help maintain order in an ever-growing knowledge base.

Example of Templates

Some examples for using page templates are:

  • Meeting Notes
  • Project Plan
  • Design Document
  • Test Plan
  • Test Report
  • Sprint Meeting Notes
  • Daily Standup Notes
  • Project Status Reports

Confluence comes pre-packaged with some predefined templates. If those are not useful for you, it can be disabled or edited to suit your requirements.

Video walkthrough

The following video provides easy to follow instructions on how to use templates.


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